Camp Journal

Activities at Camp Suisse

1st July 2013

Yesterday the yellow group went orienteering. After a quick look at the maps and how coordinates work, we set off to find our way to the football field. Everyone seemed to brilliantly grasp the art of map reading and we found the football field almost effortlessly. After afternoon tea it was time for team building activities. Ashley developed a never – seen – before technique of deleting the bomb and the girls gracefully managed to get to safety pass the electrical wire. The whole group also got through the spider web using impeccable communication and team building skills.




The green group, after completing their various sports and language lessons, sat down for a hearty lunch of hot dogs, paninis, jacket potatoes, pasta and sandwiches. After eating the kids were sent up the hill to begin their mountain biking experiences. All the kids seemed thrilled for the opportunity to go mountain biking, even those who had not been on a bike before. Anoushka, Sam and Tobi had all never cycled a bike before, but after their one – to – one lesson with their group leaders Iona, Pete and Hannah were all able to cycle freely and stop by themselves, all three kids did a fantastic job and were proud of their achievements. The rest of the group all managed to cycle smoothly down to the bottom of the mountain woodland courses. It was nothing but beautiful views coming down the mountain. All in all the green group seemed to really enjoy the mountain biking and all seemed impressed with their personal abilities. The green group are all now looking forward to attending the adventure park tomorrow, giving them an opportunity to gain and show off their skills.

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