Camp Journal

White Mountain Top Excursion

5th July 2012

A change of scenery was experienced today for the White group as we headed up to the snow-capped mountains for a ride with the husky sledding. An earlier 6 am breakfast meant campers were fuelled up and ready to head to the mountains where campers were surprised to experience the sudden change in climate from warm, sunny days at Torgon to snowy, wintry weather at Glacier 3000 – our Brazilian campers seemed the most shocked by the snow! However, undeterred by the colder weather, our campers were greeted by a pack of very excited huskies and campers even got the chance to pet the dogs followed by a thrilling ride on the sled. Campers then enjoyed a well-deserved packed lunch and once we all had refuelled we headed down to the picturesque Lake Geneva for swimming. Our braver members of camp ventured to the highest diving board, while others spectated at the side lines with an ice-cream. 

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