Camp Journal

Wednesday 31st July 2019 – Bikes and boats

31st July 2019

Today was a great day for the Reds and Blues, starting the day with a classic Swiss yodel to wake everybody up at the morning meeting. After their language lessons, the group took the bus down to Villeneuve beach for banana boating!

After a cloudy start to the day, the campers were delighted to see the sun come out for a beautiful summer afternoon. Everybody had their turn on the banana boat, but the highlight of the day came when little Isabelle managed to hold onto the banana after everybody else had fallen off! Her cheering a victory lap past all the campers who had fallen in had everybody laughing. Back at camp, the campers were treated to fajitas and apple crumble for dinner. The children finished the evening with a dance session before an early night for the glacier.

An exciting day of Alpine adventure was in store for the Greens and Yellows, meanwhile, who split into their colour groups to take part in different outdoor activities. The Greens spent the morning on the mountain bike trails around Torgon, while the Yellows reached to new heights on Camp Suisse’s indoor climbing wall. The campers were really enthusiastic to try these activities, and some of the Greens were able to show off their skills cycling across the bridge near camp!

During language lessons, Manuel’s class learned to introduce themselves in Spanish through a session of speed dating! The campers were over the moon when dinner came round, and it was their turn to go on the special pizzeria night. Everyone had their own pizza and played in the park before returning back to camp, tired but satisfied.