Camp Journal

Wir sind die Champions

21st July 2012

After a wet start to the morning the Blue group took on some intense basketball sessions and of course enjoyed their language classes. Once the morning was up the calories from breakfast had already begun to dissipate, but luckily for our campers a warm and filling lunch of hotdogs, beans and chips was ready and waiting.

After refuelling the Camp Suisse Olympics beckoned and it was time to split up and mix with other age groups to represent the 10 international teams who would compete to be crowned champions of the afternoon’s activities. First of all though, teams were tasked with patriotically painting their faces, creating a flag and coming up with an alternative national anthem/dance. 


Once no more unpainted faces could be seen it was time for the opening ceremony. A prestigious event that begins with the lighting of the Olympic beacon and where teams from across the globe parade their flags and sing along to the official national anthem, promoting their superiority in a bid to psych-out the other competitors. 


After a very competitive few hours involving egg and spoon races, tug of war and skittles, Germany were crowned the victorious champions. With the aid of hefty amounts of soap and plenty of elbow grease at shower hour the face paint came off and we were able to recognise the campers once more.


Dinner time was upon us once again and we scoffed on a selection of BBQ chicken, burgers and sautéed potatoes.With just half an hour before the event was due to begin some last minute talent show preparation ensued. Blue group acted, danced and sang the night away and after what seemed like no time at all it was bedtime. With the camp photos looming tomorrow let’s hope the campers get their beauty sleep.

Hiking tomorrow as we enter the start of the session 2 week 2. 

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