Camp Journal

Wandering Through The Woods – Blue Group

23rd July 2012

Without a cloud in the sky, Blue group awoke to the best weather we have had here at camp this season. With a hearty breakfast of cereal, fresh fruit and lashings of chocolate spread under their belt, the normal morning routine got under way however the language teachers had a twist for their morning sessions. Members of the Blue group performed a small presentation in which they had the opportunity to show off their new language skills. 


A fresh lunch of salad, pasta and fish finger sarnies set the afternoon off nicely. The Blue group were educated about the wonderful surprises that nature harbours in this particular alpine region. On the bush craft hike, with activity leader Calum, the blue group learned about how to survive in the wild. They learned that if you filter dirty water through moss it becomes more potable. They also went foraging for edible leaves that unexpectedly taste of sour apples. 


The sun continued to beat down on the Blue group as they head back to Camp Suisse HQ in the late afternoon. So after dinner, the Blue group were required to condense a popular film in to a 3 minute summary. Check out our Youtube channel and Facebook page to see how they did and leave your comments. 

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