Camp Journal

Update from the Yellow Group

5th July 2019

Sunday – Treetop adventures

Whilst our campers may have only been in the Alps for 24 hours, they got stuck into their busy programme of activities and language classes straight away!

Getting settled into their new groups, they got to know each other through games and activities led by their Group Leader. We’re always amazed by the incredible number of nationalities and languages represented at Camp, and we love to see the number of international friendships that are forged at the very beggining of the session.

After a short Language Quiz to determine the composition of the language classes, the Yellow group headed off to Parc Adventure in the afternoon. With 10 treetop adventure courses, 5 ziplipes (two over 150m!), climbing walls, and a freefall tower, it’s an adventure lover’s paradise! Campers spent the afternoon swinging, zipping, clambering, twisting, and jumping, before returning to the Alpine centre for a well deserved meal and a rest.

If that wasn’t enough, they joined forces with the Green group in the evening for a huge game of Capture the Flag on our football pitch. What a start to Camp!

Monday – Getting back to Nature

After an intense first day on Sunday, we decided to take the Yellow Group back to nature with a morning of Bushcraft. Split into ‘tribes’, campers practiced the basics of fire making and firelighting, and sampled the edible flora found in the Alps, under the trusty guidance of our resident Bear Grylls, ‘Bushman Steve’. After all the hard work, they were rewarded with marshmallows and popcorn cooked over their own fires.

The shelter building competition saw the tribes competing to construct a sturdy, waterproof shelter that could accommodate all 8 group members, before being put to the test with the Hurricane and Thunderstorm challenges!

After a hearty lunch at Camp, campers were welcomed by their language teachers to their first language classes. They finished their second day at camp with an indoor hockey tournament before heading to bed.

Wednesday – Sub Zero

Weary eyed Yellow campers woke up for an early 6:30 breakfast on Wednesday. Why’s that? It’s the Glacier 3000 excursion of course!

We started the day by taking two cable cars 3000 metres up to one of the most famous glaciers in Switzerland, the Tsanfleuron. On arrival we took the Ice Express chairlift to the face of the glacier, where we spent time sledding and sliding on the icy white snow. Before we got too chilly, we were lucky enough to take a ride with the Husky Dogs around the glacier – what an incredible experience.

In the afternoon, we took a ride on the worlds highest alpine coaster, before taking a dizzying walk across the world’s highest bridge between two mountain peaks – what a record breaking day!

Louis Brown
Yellow Group Leader