Camp Journal

Adventures with St Ivo

25th June 2013

Coach 3 (Mr Havard’s group) were up bright and early ready for the glacier, and after a hearty breakfast we went on our way. We drove to the cable car, which took us up the 3000metre high Glacier, with some stunning views on the way. Sunglasses and sunscreen on, we stepped off the cable car onto the Glacier. It was beautiful – pure white snow as far as we could see!

After taking in the surroundings we boarded the chair lifts which took us down to the husky dogs. Mr Havard’s group loved meeting the huskies, and soon it was time for a husky sled ride around the Glacier! This fantastic activity was enjoyed by all, even though one group managed to fall off half way around! 

After the sled ride, it was time to go back up the chairlift for lunch, and a fascinating talk from activity leader Chris about how the Glacier was formed.

Following lunch, we left the glacier on the cable car and the coach took us down to the pool at Villeneuve by Lake Geneva. Despite the cloudy weather, everyone had a great time in the pool and the lake. All in all, a fantastic day at the Glacier 3000, topped off by a  relaxing swim at Villeneuve!

Coach 1 (Mr Crisp’s group) went on their way to camping today, tomorrow they will descend and take on the Aqua Parc for themselves!

 Whilst, Coach 2 (Miss Shipley’s group) are on their way down from camping today and will be taking the Glacier adventure tomorrow!