Camp Journal

The end of the recruitment process….!

1st May 2013

Today we’re in Edinburgh, it is the final day of staff recruitment for the upcoming summer and it’s looking good! Spirits are high and the hopefuls are enthusiastically setting up tents as part of the team-building games that make up part of the recruitment process. Fortunately we end up with two decent tents that could no doubt stand stable through any weather (…any weather that we’re likely to encounter in the idyllic Swiss Alps anyway). However one tent hasn’t fared so well, but the recruits are optimistic and one quips “done!” (it isn’t!), while another remarks “well it’s shelter at least” (barely). Laughter follows and it’s obvious that this is a funny, team-oriented and capable group. We can’t wait to see them in action!


During lunch everyone gets to know each other a little better and I feel like I’m already back at Camp in Torgon…

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