Camp Journal

The perfect day to wind down the Session!

9th August 2017

Its the last few days of  camp here but that doesn’t mean we stop having fun! Today we had a very relaxing and fun day to wind the down the fortnight of activity! It was time for a Spa Day!!!! All of the groups headed off after preparing ourselves with a yummy breakfast to head to the ‘Bains de Saillon’. A beautiful coach ride through the valley brought us to the beautiful baths, nestled in the Swiss Alps with breath taking views. There was some fun for everyone: slides for the adventurous and silly, pools for the sporty ones, a thermal stream for everyone to be whirled around in and finally, a sauna for the older ones of us!

It was incredible to be swimming and floating around outside surrounded by the lovely mountains and the day was sunny and really pleasant to spend time outside of the warm waters as well, even though the pools are heated and the perfect temperature whether rain or shine! It was lovely to relax and bond together before the last day tomorrow !

Once we had returned to camp and dragged ourselves back, the evening was equally relaxed with some casino games and dancing fun making some routines for tomorrow nights’ prom!!! We’re all incredibly excited to dance and have some fun all together.