Camp Journal

The Green Group make a splash in Villeneuve!

6th July 2021

Today the green group descended to the valley for a lovely day on the shores of Lake Geneva; swimming in Villeneuve pool. After following the windy road down from Torgon they wasted no time, plunging straight into the pool. There were a couple of scattered showers throughout the afternoon, but that didn’t stop them! Reah, Noah and Matteo loved diving into the pool, and everyone enjoyed some fantastic pool-based games. The sun even began to shine at some points and we were able to enjoy the heat of the afternoon! Pablo, Miguel and Theodore also really enjoyed an intense table tennis tournament!
During the sunny intervals we had the opportunity to take some paddle boards out onto the Lake. Pietro particularly enjoyed this, managing to stand up straight away with ease!
Finally, we also enjoyed diving into the Lake from the diving platforms; 3m and 10m! Greta, Simon and Jeremy were particularly brave, jumping off the high platform!

– Hannah Parry, Group Leader