Camp Journal

The Camp Suisse Olympics!

1st August 2020

Olympics Day. The most anticipated day at camp has arrived. The cluster of campers awoke to another dazzling day in the Swiss mountains. After a pyramid of brioche at breakfast, Olympic qualifying was underway. The anticipation was growing as the chorus of contenders undertook heats in throwing, catching and running. The final athletes were then introduced from 3 countries- Nigeria, Argentina and Turkey. Intense preparation for the big event then began as the flock of finalists painted themselves in their country colours, with Joachim going the extra mile to represent Turkey.

Next was the Olympic opening ceremony with each country showcasimg their performance, including an incredible effort from Samuel from Nigeria.

The first event was then underway- the egg and spoon extreme which was a breeze for Lei Lei, successfully followed by a very competitive tennis golf competition.

A hearty lunch to fuel the convoy of challengers was needed as they went into the target throwing, a particular success for Charles. In a first for Camp Suisse, this event was followed by an intense limbo contest. Tug of war came next which brought out a strong sense of competition in all the campers. Matches of three-legged football were very fun and involved a lot of team work and cooperation.

The Camp Suisse relay extreme, incorporating skills developed throughout campers time in Switzerland, brought the exciting day to an end with a well deserved win to Turkey.