Camp Journal

The Adventure Begins…

30th June 2014

For the first full day of camp the red and blue group were straight in with a jam packed day, the day started with a trip to the Labrinth, with obstacles, playful challenges and hidden treasures along the way to keep all campers excited and looking forward to getting through the maze. Although the weather yesterday wasn’t typical of a Swiss summer, all campers had so much fun running around in the rain. The campers were so good at getting around the maze (Stephanie and Avora’s expert directional skills were brilliant) they even had time to play on the inflatables, bikes, trikes and other games that were on offer!

The next stop for the day was to Chateau de Chillon where all campers found out about the history of the castle and were able to look around the stunning building. Victor asked some brilliant questions about the origins of the castle, which the tour guide was very happy to answer. Everyone (even the group leaders) learnt something new and enjoyed the views from the castle across lake Geneva.

If that wasn’t enough for the campers, after an amazing dinner of Sweet and Sour Chicken the day was finished with a few energetic games of Football and Basketball, after some friendly competition any excess energy left over from such a busy day was used up and all campers were taken to their chalets for the evening.