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Ten benefits of summer camp

20th June 2011

Benefit #10: Problem solving
Through the many and varied tasks undertaken at camp, from putting up tents to reaching the top of the climbing wall, campers can expect to constantly be developing and putting into action their skills of problem solving.

Benefit #9: Team Work

Not least during the team-building sessions, but throughout campers’ entire stay at camp team work will be of the essence, working together on any number of tasks to motivate each other and reach agreements and compromises to find the best solutions together.

Benefit #8: Independence

Of course being away from mum and dad means you’ll be more independent. Here at Camp Suisse we cultivate and encourage independent thinking. For most campers the change is visible and they leave camp with a renewed sense of personal power and independence.

Benefit #7: Responsibility

Along with independence comes a sense of responsibility. Being away from your parents/guardians is already an enormous responsibility, however, at camp you’ll be given a great deal more; be it getting your kit ready for the next day, being on-time for your activities and meals, keeping your bedroom tidy… the list is endless! This sets the basis for a more mature, self-reliant outlook which can be transferred to life at home.

Benefit #6: Character Building

We here at Camp Suisse are champions of success and achievement. No challenge is too big or too small and success at all levels is something to aim for and celebrate. Campers will discover new skills and talents, overcome fears and anxieties helping them to become well-rounded individuals.

Benefit #5: Confidence

Summer Camp is the perfect environment to discover both strengths and weaknesses and to build on all of these whilst learning from peers. In the supportive atmosphere of camp campers of a shy temperament or low self-esteem find they excel in activities they never imagined they would.

Benefit #4: Learning & Education

You’re signed up for a language class, but the learning doesn’t stop there! Surrounded by such an international mixture of youngsters campers learn about new countries, languages and cultures. On activities new practical skills are learnt and through all of this, campers appropriate new life skills.

Benefit #3: Fun & Lifelong memories

It sounds obvious but camp is a whole load of fun.. and then some! From the new friends campers make to the new experiences they have, our mission at Camp Suisse is to make sure all campers have an unforgettable summer, creating friendships and memories that will last a life time.

Benefit #2: Positive Role Models

In our celebrity-obsessed society role models of questionable suitability come and go. Our Group Leaders provide positive role models amid a sea of confusion. Chosen for their well-balanced personalities, boundless experience and positive attitudes.. they’re the stars on camp.

Benefit #1: Cultural Exchange

Above all the most unique aspect of Camp Suisse is the multi-ethnic, multi-national nature of its campers. Hailing from all parts of the world campers have the chance to share their outlooks, experiences, opinions and beliefs whilst at the same time exploring those of other campers.

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