Camp Journal

Team Building

20th July 2011

So, after trying our hand at archery and orienteering the day before, on Tuesday the Blue group enjoyed a day of indoor wall climbing and team building games.  

For many it was the first time that they had climbed and whilst exciting; the prospect of scaling the 8 meter high wall was also a little daunting.


However, everyone managed to conquer their fears and threw themselves into the activity, with each camper exceeding their personal target.


After a break for some well deserved afternoon refreshments, we embarked upon some team building games.  Campers had to work in groups to complete various tasks such as guiding each other through a giant Spiders Web without touching the wires and walking a plank over a pool of shark infested custard to reach safety.


The Blue group emerged as a force to be reckoned with as no challenge was left uncompleted and some strong friendships were forged.  Tomorrow, we tackle the Mountain Bike trails!!

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