Camp Journal

Splish, Splash, Splosh

2nd August 2011

On the second day of Session 3, twenty four excited campers (and three excited members of staff) headed off into the sunshine for an afternoon of rafting.  On arrival we were fitted out with an assortment of clothing, including a rather fetching wet suit, rubber shoes, a water proof jacket and life vest just as the outside temperature touched 30 degrees! This all added to the amusement as we waddled back to the minibuses in order to be dropped at the starting point of our adventure.


We set off in three rafts where we were taught how to paddle properly in both directions and how to follow a series of instructions and those at the front gained leadership experience as they were the ones responsible for setting and maintaining the rhythm for the afternoon.



As we learnt how to get back to the raft following a possible ‘man over board’ situation the children overcame the chilly waters and enjoyed jumping and swimming from raft to raft as well as testing their balance by walking around the edge of the rafts.


On disembarking the rafts, we were able to dry off in the sun before returning to Camp Suisse exhausted, but with another day of fun under our belts.

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