Camp Journal

Swinging, jumping and climbing to new heights

2nd July 2017

Green group woke up for their first morning at camp Suisse to a cloudy day, but nothing could dampen their spirits. First things first, everyone took a quiz in their chosen languages in order to organise classes for the session! This was followed by a relaxed activity of football and games in the sports hall, which was a great way for the campers to bond and learn about everybody in their group. Afterwards it was time to up the excitement and the campers headed off to Parc Aventure – a high roped activity in the forest. Campers got to swing, jump and climb new heights together for the afternoon, and there was even a zip line that was extremely popular. There were some nerves at first, naturally, however once everybody had got off the ground their confidence grew leaps and bounds!

After the return home and some refuelling dinner, it was time for some fun evening activities. Our activity leaders chose well: a giant game of capture the flag commenced and there wasn’t a disappointed soul in the group. Congratulations to team 2 for winning the game; we’re excited to see whats to come!