Camp Journal

Sweet and Snowy

7th July 2019

Today, the Red group had their language classes in the morning, and played games to learn in a fun interactive way. In Margaux’s class, the campers learned the alphabet and days of the week! In the afternoon, the Reds did an art jamming session to Disney songs. Maisy and Violette were dancing the Hula to Moana whilst painting beautiful faces and leaves. The children designed faces in the forest and built bug houses too. It was a very creative and beautiful day!

The Blues were in for a big day today, and after their language lessons and a hearty lunch of paninis, baked potatoes, and hot dogs, they got ready for their afternoon activities. Mountain biking and archery were exactly what the campers needed after a morning of lessons. The balance of learning and adventure is really enjoyable for the children, as there is always something new and exciting to do. After this, a quick shower, a quick call to the parents and a tasty dinner. The Blues were then confronted with a mystery plaguing Camp Suisse! The campers were able to solve it through teamwork and detection skills, and peace reined once again. 

It was a sweet day for the Greens, who paid a visit to Cailler Chocolate Factory. The campers were eager to learn all about the origins of chocolate and the chocolate making process, but even more enthusiastic to try as much chocolate as they liked in the tasting room. With a few cases of ‘eyes bigger than our bellies’, a relaxed lunch in the sun was the only way to settle the stomachs, before taking the next stage of the journey to Gruyere Old Town. Don’t worry, moms and dads, there were plenty of bars bought from the Chocolate Shop as ‘presents for my family’, though whether they make it home or not is the question! 

Gruyere was the perfect end to the day, allowing campers to explore the picturesque Old Town, and home of the famous Gruyere Cheese. Fondue not being appealing to some of the campers, many chose to sample the delicious crepes Gruyere had on offer. 

Meanwhile, weary eyed Yellows woke up for an early 6:30am breakfast on Tuesday. Why’s that? It’s the Glacier 3000 excursion of course! 

Yellows started the day by taking two cable cars up to one of the most famous glaciers in Switzerland, the Tsanfleuron. On arrival, they took the Ice Express chairlift to the face of the glacier, where we spent time sledding and sliding on icy white snow. Before the campers got too chilly, they were lucky enough to take a ride with the Husky Dogs around the glacier- what an incredible experience. 

In the afternoon, the Yellows took a ride on the world’s highest alpine coaster, before taking a dizzying walk across the world’s highest bridge between the two mountain peaks- a record breaking day!