Camp Journal

Sunday 4th August 2019 – Languages and lakes

4th August 2019

The Reds and Blues showed off their dare-devil side today, and were braver than most in scaling the climbing wall over and over! Once they showed themselves to be absolute naturals on the wall, the instructors were able to introduce fun challenges and games to keep things interesting. The campers’ favourite was definitely the obstacle course that saw two teams compete to score points on the wall. 

A tasty lunch set the children up nicely for their language lessons in the afternoon. Every class works on different subjects that are tailored to the children’s needs and abilities. This means the children are engaged and the learning is really effective. 

The older campers, meanwhile, did their language lessons early in the day so that they could fully devote themselves to relaxing at the beach! The Greens and Yellows took a trip to the beautiful Bouveret Beach, where they swam in the lake, in the pool, and took a leap of faith down the massive slides. There was also plenty of time to chill out, and the campers could also be seen haunting the café and the ping pong area. The beach was exactly what was needed after such a busy week of adventuring at camp.