Camp Journal

St. Ivo Day Two!

30th June 2015

Alarm clocks were set for a 6.15am breakfast when the students of Coach 4 climbed out of bed to witness a majestic sunrise over the eastern Alps. Another glorious day was in store. After Kirstie, Rosie and Ed had marshalled the troops ensuring everyone was kitted out for the day we were off.


To say the huskies dogs were loud and excited to see us would be an understatement. Even as the sun came up and the heat increased the dogs appetite for running was incredible. After the dogs we all went for a ride on the Alpine Coaster and tested the new peak to peak bridge at Glacier 3000. By the very definition of glaciers, conditions on some days can be unimaginable however for Coach 4 we were at the other end of the scale; majestic. The view of the Alps was something to behold. We couldn’t however dwell too much as we had to cool off and get the sweaty socks off our feet and into the pool at Lake Geneva. Pretty amazing to think in the morning we were on a glacier with husky dogs overlooking some of Europe’s largest peaks and then within 40 minutes we were dipping our toes into the water and soaking up the summer sun of Lac Leman!


Coach 3 finished off their camping trip from Sunday and went on an excursion to the Aqua Parc; an enormous water park full of slides and uber amounts of fun. A quick stop at the Migros shopping centre on the way home gave time to purchase some treats (for loved ones at home obviously…) and then it was back to camp for a well earned break and some respite from the sun!! Everyone is very much looking forward to the glacier excursion tomorrow!. Its going to be an early start but when the weather is this good we may as well get up early and make the most of where we are!


Coach 2 packed their bags and headed off into the Alps for an overnight stay at our Alpine outpost; a full report will be given tomorrow however at last sight the students were seen standing at the top of the Col du Croix, smack bang on the Swiss-French border admiring the view across France.


Coach 1 stayed at Camp Suisse today and it was our turn to hit the climbing wall, archery range and the mountain bike tracks. A couple of words summed up mountain biking and archery; hot is one and awesome was definitely another. After the day in the sunshine, it was a welcome change after dinner to have a competitive game of bingo indoors. Is there ever a winner at this game?


Stayed tuned for more reports on Day 3 of Camp Suisse 2015!!!