Camp Journal

And the staff are here!… Jodie

20th May 2012

After a 10 hour journey from Nottingham to Torgon with a suitcase packed for three whole months, I finally made it.Having come through an airport dedicated to John Lennon and an airport seemingly dedicated to cleanliness, I had the most scenic train journey I have ever been on, around the coast of the stunning Lake Geneva.The training and hard work began today and I already feel at home (although the unpacking hasn’t begun yet!), however very much unlike home, the sun is shining and I’ve seen no rain yet.Upon arrival in Torgon I have been greeted by lovely staff, breath-taking views and delicious food!! I am excited to be involved in the set up process of camp, and cannot wait for everyone to arrive over the next few weeks and find out what the next three months has to offer.

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