Camp Journal

St Ivo School – Coaches 2 and 3 – Day Two

22nd June 2014

The sun is shining over Camp Suisse and Lake Geneva today, we couldn’t plan it better because it was Banana boating on the lake!

Once everyone had finished their breakfast for a busy day it was all aboard the Camp Suisse coaches to get down the mountain to the lake. The lake looked so a dazzling blue and the mountains towered over the lake – true Switzerland! 

The students all had a go whizzing around on the banana boat, holding on tight! A great day in the sunshine and a dip in the clear lake water to cool off. 

Back at Camp Suisse, it was time for shower hour and dinner. The Camp Suisse Chef had rustled up a delicious sweet and sour pork dish, with a side of rice (not forgetting the veggie option). 

The evening activity for the students was the Torgona Hunt around the camp and village – in groups they go around solving clues to answer questions about the surrounding area, the winners got to claim a Camp Suisse goody! 

What a day it had been, everyone was tired out and ready for another day at Camp Suisse – time for lights out!