Camp Journal

St Ivo School – Coach 3 – Day Three

23rd June 2014

After breakfast the students split into three groups and rotated around three activities. 


Time to be brave campers!

The climbing wall is not something for the faint-hearted but the students built up the courage and supported one another to get to the top! The Activity Leaders were on hand to give instructions and make sure everyone was wearing a harness and a helmet – everyone was brilliant!


Ready, aim, Fire!

Up on the archery range the students enjoyed some practice shots and improved their technique under the watchful eyes of the Activity Leader. It was great to keep score, everyone likes some healthy competition! 

On your bike! 

In the afternoon the students took to the mountain bike training course and had the opportunity to improve their skills – a couple of the students even made the great accomplishment of learning to ride a bike, well done! 


For the evening activity it was a game of Bingo where some lucky winners received a Camp Suisse souvenir prize!