Camp Journal

St Ivo Days One & Two – Group 1

21st June 2016



Very early morning for Coach 1 because Sunday was Glacier day!Its officially summer but evidently the Glacier hadn’t got the memo. However, we battled through the cold and snow to the husky dogs and their fantastic owner Rene. Sledging with the huskies and some red-setters was brilliant fun and everyone got to pet the dogs after!After the huskies we retreated to the warmth of the Glacier 3000 building where the campers got an opportunity to shop for some souvenirs.

Back at camp the afternoon activities comprised of archery and climbing with half of Coach 1 doing one activity and the other half doing the other.




Torgon awoke to a beautiful sunny day and the campers were in high spirits as the groups swapped and took part in either archery or climbing for the morning session. After another two great sessions with positive feedback from staff (and more impressive climbing from Mr Slingsby). Coach 1 had lunch and prepared to hike to the Camp Suisse camp site.

The lovely weather and scenic routes helped the campers to set a record time for the ascent from base camp up to the camp site. The evening saw Coach 1 campers walk up to the Swiss – French border to get a glimpse of the valleys below our 2000m vantage point and Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva in the distance. After a BBQ diner we all settled down for a well deserved rest.

Tags: Archery; Climbing Wall Hiking Husky Sledding