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3 coach-strong St. Ivo

23rd June 2012

Later on this summer, the city of London will host the 2012 Olympic Games. The motto for such Games is “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” Latin for “Swifter, Higher, Stronger”. I suppose that very same motto is applicable to us here at Camp Suisse. Whilst we may not be competing on a similar scale to the London Olympic athletes, we’re always seeking to push up the boundaries of what we’re able to do.

St Ivo School and Camp Suisse have an incredibly strong relationship that has grown over the past few years. This year we believe that as a sign of just how far this relationship has come, the school has sent over 150 people (including the teachers) to our base here in Switzerland. When we compare this to the same school sending 100 people less a couple of years ago, it really helps provide us with an indication of how much we have grown as a company.

Taking all of this into consideration, Saturday 23rd June saw the latest schoolchildren arrive in Torgon with their bags packed ready for an adventurous week in the Alps. A mere 20 hour drive from England meant that our campers were slightly tired from their long drive, but as is often the case, they were eager to discover when they would be going through their itinerary for the week, with all of them having a different highlight to look forward to.

Led by the knowledgeable and dependable staff and accompanied by the eager sixth formers, the group, despite a later than anticipated arrival time, wasted no time at all in sorting out their accommodation and making sure that they all knew about the many different facilities on offer here.What will tomorrow bring? Well in addition to the good weather, a trip to the lake, a spot of countryside exploring, there’s also the small matter of a crucial European football match to watch AND one of the groups gets the privilege of being the very first group to experience our brand new activity for 2012. What a week this plans to be!                                                                         St Ivo Camp Suisse

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