Camp Journal

Session Two – Day Twelve – Yellows and Greens

30th July 2015

We left very excited this morning to indulge in tons of world famous Swiss chocolate at Callier chocolate factory! We enjoyed our side on the bus through the beautiful countryside. In the chocolate factory we learned about the origins of chocolate from the Aztecs to the Swiss revolution of chocolate! During the tour we got to taste freshly made chocolate and buy loads to take home, yummy!
We then went to Gruyère for a lovely lunch in the medieval town! We then strolled down the streets and bought souvenirs. 
It was then time to head back to camp for a very busy evening! Firstly, everyone packed their belongings ready for departures tomorrow. Next it was time for racooning, a great Camp Suisse traditional which consists paying to throw yoghurt, water and beans over their favourite Camp Suisse staff! This year all the proceeds go to our charity, The Chloe Mansfield Fund.
Everyone then got dressed up for the ultimate night at Camp, the prom! The theme tonight was Alice in Wonderland. All the staff had spent all day preparing their costumes and decorating the centre into the ultimate wonderland! It was a very memorable night for all the campers, who all exchanged phone numbers and hope to stay in touch!It’s been a wonderful two weeks, we’ll miss you all!

Tags: Cailler Confidence