Camp Journal

Session 4 finally arrives!

12th August 2017

Once again, the weather reflected the mood at Camp Suisse during arrivals today! After yesterdays dreary and horrible weather saying farewell to our third session, the sun decided to come out in full for for our new and final session’s campers! As people arrived from all over the world at the lovely Geneva airport, Aigle train station and some being dropped directly to our door, it was all go for our staff members. Thankfully, being our fourth time and having had plenty of practise, everything ran smoothly!

Whilst people were filtering in, our early arrivals were taken to enjoy the sun at our beautiful football pitch ! They played some warm up games to help everybody get to know each other and relax, then we started a fun and competitive football much to start of the fun and activity filled week here at camp! After everybody had been sufficiently worn out, it was time to return to base for a relaxed shower hour followed by their first group meet and a delicious first dinner of Bolognese! There was plenty of small talk as the campers sat in tables with their colour groups and their group leader. There was plenty of discussion about interest, hobbies, various cultures and nationalities and about their families! Everybody is settling in very quickly!

Next up was some more activities to help the campers interact with and get to know each other: some fun Icebreaker fun! All of the colour groups came together and played fun games like 2 truths and common facts. A little later, those who had travelled long distances or very early were able to go to bed a little earlier than usual so that they could catch up on plenty of rest! The others stayed in the ping-pong room to socialise and relax before they too headed off for some much needed sleep. We’re so excited to see what tomorrow has in store!