Camp Journal

Session 4 – Day Two – Yellow Group

9th August 2016

It was an early start for the campers this morning and our campers were awake early enough to see the beautiful sunrise over the mountains!

Our campers ate breakfast with blurry eyes, before lathering on suncream and jumping on the bus to… Glacier 3000!

To get to the glacier, they rode two cable cars and a chairlift! Once they had arrived, our campers found husky dogs were waiting for them to give them a sled ride. Our campers then rode back up on the chairlift to ride the highest alpine roller-coaster in the world.

After lunch, and a trip to the viewing point, they hopped back on the bus to Villeneuve. Once at Villeneuve, our campers got to play on the diving boards, swim in the pool, play ping pong or just relax in the sun.

After a great afternoon, it was time to head back to camp for Shower Hour and dinner, followed by hot chocolate and a film to round off the evening. What an exciting day!

Session 4 2016; Glacier 3000; Husky dog sledding

Our campers got to meet the husky dogs!


Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Lake Geneva

Spending some quality time on Lake Geneva!

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