Camp Journal

Session 4 – Day Three/Four – Yellow Group

11th August 2016

The Yellow Group started the day with a lot of packing, getting ready for climbing and then hiking up to and spending the night at camping. In the climbing wall they learned how to put on a harness and check its safety before learning how to climb and making it up to the top.

After a hot lunch and a quick kit check, we set off hiking. The older campers were paired with the younger campers in order to help them and gain some responsibility. They all made it up to camping in great time.

We then had a BBQ dinner and set off on a hike up to the French border with the promise off chocolate stuffed bananas after as a motivator.

After a comfy nights sleep we set off back down the mountain, meeting some cows and goats on the way.

We then had some time for showers before lunch and then headed to our classes to learn some more languages. This was followed by shower hour, dinner and whole-camp bingo then it was time for bed!

What a busy and exciting couple of days at Camp Suisse!



Rock Climbing!


Whole Camp Camping Trip!