Camp Journal

Session 3 – Day Twelve – Blue Group

5th August 2016

The sun shone this morning, promising a great start to Mission Day.

Our campers were all divided into three squadrons: Team Alpha, Team Bravo and Team Charlie. The squadrons then set off their squadron leaders to complete their various missions.

All squadrons participated in missions involving mountain biking, scavenger hunts, abseiling, rocking climbing, team building games, and finally, a rocket launch!

After a successful Mission Day, our campers were delighted to see the camp in a new light, with the centre being decorated for prom night.

Our campers had a formal dinner in the decorated restaurant, and campers received their various awards (of which they were all very proud), before the disco started.

Our campers all danced like superstars that evening. What a fantastic way to end camp!

Camp Suisse Session 3 2016; Mission Day

Team work was a must on Mission Day!


Camp Suisse Session 3 2016; Mission Day; Camp Suisse Prom 2016

All dressed up for the Camp Suisse Prom 2016!.

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