Camp Journal

Session 3 – Day Eleven – Blue Group

4th August 2016

Today our campers had a brilliant day: they went to the Callier Chocolate Factory! The visit started with an explanation of the history of chocolate, followed by an explanation of how Francois-Louis Callier started his own chocolate empire, and the secrets of chocolate manufacturing. The best part of the visit was at the end when the campers could taste some Callier chocolate… And our campers ate as much as they could!

After the chocolate factory, our campers headed off to the historical Medieval town of Gruyères. Our campers had their lunches in a beautiful park, and afterwards, our campers had some time to shop for souvenirs.

Our campers arrived back at Camp Suisse for Shower Hour, and after some delicious chicken fajitas for dinner, Blue Group then headed up to the football pitch for the staff v. campers football game. What a great day for Blue Group!

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