Camp Journal

Session 2 – Day Nine – Green Group

19th July 2016

The early rise this morning was well worth it! Our campers were going to… Glacier 3000! Despite a few grumbles at the 6:15 am breakfast, there was excitement in the air as our campers boarded the bus. Upon arrival, our campers boarded the first of two cable cars, whisking our campers out of the valley and up, and up, and up to 3000 metres above sea level! There was great merriment as campers played in the snow throughout the short (ish) hike to the stunning viewpoint.

The other main attraction of Glacier 3000 is… The world’s highest roller-coaster, which allows riders to control the speed of their two-person carts. Campers had great fun flying down the straights and screeching around corners. The last activity of the excursion was a walk along the Sky Bridge, which our campers did eagerly, snapping a few amazing shots!

After a dinner of cottage pie, followed by warm cookies and ice cream, our campers took part in an evening activity: a quiz. Our campers were engaged in questions that tested their knowledge of sports, music, trivia and facts about Switzerland. The quiz ended yet another successful day here at Camp Suisse!

Camp Suisse Session 2 2016; Glacier 3000; Sky Bridge

Breath-taking views of Glacier 3000 from the Sky Bridge!


Camp Suisse Session 2 2016; Glacier 3000

A beautiful morning for the glacier!


Camp Suisse Session 2 2016; Sledding; Glacier 3000

The best part of walking up? Sledding down!

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