Camp Journal

Session 2 – Day Nine – Blue Group

19th July 2016

After a good night’s sleep at the Alpine Refuge, our campers woke up to the sun shining into their rooms. A nice and simple hot breakfast was prepared by our chefs to prepare our campers for the short walk back down to the Camp Suisse centre. After the walk back to the centre, everyone went back to their rooms to quickly pack their swimming costumes because they were going to… The Aqua Parc!

Less than an hour after arriving back from the hike, our campers were all on the bus, heading down the mountain for some Aqua Parc fun!

Once at the Aqua Parc, our campers set up a ‘base camp’, ate their lunches and split up into groups to go around the Aqua Parc with. After a couple of hours of running around, going on the water slides, lazy rivers and swimming, our campers reunited in the changing room and our campers all headed back to the bus.

Our campers were very tired but this did not stop them from participating in evening activities! Our campers went to the football pitch, where they took part in some arty activities. Our campers got creative and wrote Camp Suisse in branches and pine cones, their own bodies, and other such found materials.

After a long, tiring day, our campers went to bed happily!

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