Camp Journal

Session 2 – Day Three – Yellow Group

13th July 2016

Today was one of the best days at Camp Suisse: it was Yellow Group’s turn to go to the Aqua Parc! In the morning, our campers had their usual breakfast and then set off for a day of fun. Our campers set off in a great mood: so great, in fact, that there was singing and dancing in the bus on the way to the Aqua Parc!

When our campers reached the Aqua Parc, they were given some safety instructions, got changed into their costumes and were then set loose to enjoy the pools and slides. Our campers stayed at the Aqua Parc for almost six hours and all six of those hours were great. Some campers decided to rest and take it easy in the lazy river, while others decided to speed down the water slides… There was something for everyone!

On the way back, everyone was exhausted from all the fun they had had that day. When our campers arrived back at camp, they had just enough time for Shower Hour, and then it was time for a wonderful Thai Chicken Curry, made by our lovely Camp Suisse Chefs.

After dinner, our campers had a choice of watching a film or playing football in the sports hall. After that, it was time for bed after an absolutely enjoyable, if a little exhausting, day here at Camp Suisse!

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