Camp Journal

Session 2 – Day Five – Yellow Group

15th July 2016

Team Yellow have had an exhausting but hugely enjoyable day! We kicked off with a hearty breakfast and then the campers chose between sports, climbing wall or art jamming! Most campers chose two activities and the variation meant everyone was enthusiastic and had a great time. The climbers managed to conquer some very advanced routes, those playing volleyball had a great game whilst the artwork produced by those art jamming was stunning!

After all the excitement of the morning activities, it was time for a delicious lunch. After we had refuelled it was time for another language lesson where the campers did some outdoor learning and were learning through games and interactive activities. Dinner was French themed for Bastille Day – french onion soup followed by beef bourguignon and tarte tatin for dessert. After dinner, evening entertainment was 3 minute movies where campers recreated their favourite films in a hilarious manner. These movies shall be premiered at the camp prom next week. We cant wait to watch them!



Art Jamming!


Big smiles at Camp Suisse!