Camp Journal

Session 2 – Day Eight – Green Group

18th July 2016

Today we woke up at 1500m with a beautiful sunrise at camp. Green Group had breakfast outside on top of the sunny mountain before commencing our hike back down the mountain. We reached Camp Suisse at 11 am giving everyone plenty of time for showers and a freshen up before group photos! Some very original poses took place for the photos including a human pyramid and a pile up.

After group photos, hot lunch was served which included baked potatoes, paninis, sandwiches, hot dogs and salads. Following lunch language classes took place for the Yellow & Green Group. Many worked on their karaoke songs and choreography as well. After languages the group got some chill time in shower hour. For dinner there was veggie nuggets, pork and spinach ricotta tortellini followed by ice cream sundaes.

For evening entertainment Green Group had  a murder mystery night. The needed to solve the murder of Chef Alex with several witnesses and suspects to interview.

Once the innocent had been separated from the guilty and the crime was solved, it was time for bed. Another fantastic day for Green Group.



Green Group