Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Two – Yellow Group

28th June 2016

Day two at camp and the campers have started to get into the swing of things! Breakfast started at 8 am and we all filled our stomachs ready for the day ahead. After morning meetings, we went to the climbing wall and played a few warm up games. We ended up being sheep on the floor whilst the farmer and wolf turned the children over. We also played colour run and the gear game to get our bodies warmed up. We then went into the climbing wall . The safety rule were explained and we played a game of Shark Attack – it was awesome! We then learnt how to belay and then in groups of three climbed with one climber, one belayer and one smiler (to make sure the climber was extra safe). After that we had a break where we had a penalty shoot out and a football match before heading back into the climbing wall for more games climbing. We switched to the auto belays and set the kids different challenges such as climbing with one arm, one leg, blindfolded and with a cone on their heads. All the campers were involved and helped each other to achieve the challenges which was great to see.

The group was very excited for lunch which was a buffet of paninis, jacket potatoes, salads and sandwiches. The kids were then divided into groups based on their chosen languages and their level and they went off to their first language lesson. These were different for each group but comprised mainly of introducing games, basic vocabulary and oral games. They all seemed to love it.

After burritos for dinner, the campers were ready and full of energy for evenings sports. After this it was time to get a good nights sleep and get ready for another action packed day at Camp Suisse.



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