Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Twelve – Green Group

8th July 2016

As Thursday was our last full day of camp, there were a few very special things that our campers had to. To begin: Mission Day! The Operation: Black Socks commenced in the morning, mixing the whole camp and dividing them into squadrons. Then each squadron was briefed on their objectives and off they marched.

The mission consisted of several tasks, all of which were designed to put our campers’ acquired skills to the test… The Camp Suisse centre was buzzing and filled with changes and laughter! Our campers finished their mission with an epic rocket launch race. Afterwards, it was ‘decontamination’ time and our campers headed to get washed up, ready for a formal dinner, followed by a Hollywood-themed prom!

After dinner, the winners of Mission Day and other activities were announced and given their awards. The dance started soon thereafter and everyone danced, enjoying themselves on their last night at camp. To finish the dance, our campers did one last Camp Suisse chant, loud and proud. It was most definitely a great end to a great camp session!

Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Mission Day

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…


Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Mission Day; rocket launch challenge

Take off!


Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Camp Suisse Prom 2016

All glammed up for the 2016 Camp Suisse Prom!

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