Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Three – Yellow Group

29th June 2016

Yellow Group woke up to lots of sunshine and an exciting day ahead. After checking that they had the essentials (water, suncream), our campers jumped on the bus to Geneva. First stop: the Palais des Nations, headquarters of the United Nations.

There, our campers followed a guided tour of the different rooms and learned about the history of the United Nations, as well as the different organs of the United Nations, and their functions. Excitingly, there were a few committees in session! The tour ended in the General Assembly hall, where many important decisions regarding world peace have been made since 1936.

After the tour, our campers made their way through Geneva, stopping by Lake Geneva in a park for lunch. Our campers threw themselves on the grass in the shade of the trees to get out of the hot sunshine.

Our campers crossed the Mont Blanc bridge, saw the incredible fountain, and even stopped for a quick ice-cream and shopping spree along the main shopping street.

Our campers continued their cultural visit with a self-guided tour of Geneva’s Natural History Museum.

After a long bus journey back to camp, our campers got back just in time for Shower Hour and a Thai-inspired dinner.

After dinner, Yellow Group made 3 minute films, in which they had to sum up the plot of an entire film. Our campers demonstrated that they can be very creative! These films will be screened next week at a general viewing- we can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!

Camp Suisse; Session 1 2016; 3 minute films

Making our 3 minute films!


Camp Suisse; Session 1 2016; Yellow Group; 3 minute films

3 minute film directors hard at work!

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