Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Seven – Red and Blue Group

3rd July 2016

The campers woke up to a misty morning and enjoyed chatting with each other over breakfast. After breakfast they were faced with the super fun activity of cleaning their rooms! After a quick clean (which they all did with no complaints) it was time for the real fun to begin as it was Olympics Day! The campers were divided into three teams and had to get creative with their own imaginary country, national anthem and flag. After multiple rounds of various sports and games (such as egg and spoon race, splat and tug of war) ‘Team Jafados’ came out on top followed closely by ‘Marslandia’ and then ‘Rainbow Zeus’. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated with such enthusiasm and joy!

The evening activity of the night was Casino Night, where the kids got to enjoy the glitzier more glamours side of Camp Suisse! It was then an early bed for Red Group as they have a long day ahead of them tomorrow with a hill walk and camping!



Face Painting!


Getting our new countries flag face painted on!


Ready to represnt our new country!


Team Rainbow Zeus