Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Seven & Eight – Yellow Group

4th July 2016

What a busy couple of days! On Saturday we took official camp photos bot in colour groups and as a whole camp and we took some pretty funny ones! The campers all looked very fancy in the red Camp Suisse shirts. It was also end-of-the-week room clean and inspection day so each room had to be tidied and swept. We also exchanged our bedding for clean ones. The campers all had a great time doing this…..not! They all did it though without complaint and were all helping each other out with smiles on their faces which was amazing too see. Who knew they could make tidying rooms into a fun team activity?! After this we had a delicious lunch then a kit check before setting off on a hike up to camping. Unfortunately the clouds were quite low so the views were non-existnet but everyone made it to the hut in good spirits. After a delicious BBQ dinner, it was time to set off again, this time to cross the French border! The walk was short but steep, proving a little challening for some, but everyone made it to the top and most importantly back down again. We sat around a camp fire and enjoyed chocolate bananas, hot chocolate and a singing contest! It was great fun.

The next morning we woke up to some stunning views of the mountains with clouds down low below them in the valley. The walk back down to camp was more gradual and gentle and everyone got back to camp in time for a shower before lunch and an afternoon of langauge lessons.

In the evening, the Red and Blue Groups were away camping so the Green and Yellow Groups made the most of having camp to themselves with a giant game of sardines, hide and seek and later a game of wink murder. After 9 pm we set up the football for avid fans and a movie for others and for the rest just some time to socialise before bed.


Yellow Group