Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day One – Green Group

27th June 2016

On the first full day at Camp Suisse the Green Group had a very fun day ahead of them. After breakfast we gathered together and made sure we were all ready for the day as we were going banana boating! However, before going down to the valley the campers had to do a small language skill test to help place them in the best group for their ability.While we waited for everyone to finish their test we played some intense Jenga games and got to know everyone in the group a little better.

The awaited moment came and we finally got on the bus with Andy, the best bus driver ever! He gracefully took us down the mountain road with all those scary mountain corners with ease and soon we were on the shores of Lake Geneva. There we eagerly ate our picnic and got ready to go on the boat. Everyone took part and went on the banana boat. Whenever we fell off there was both little and not-so-little screams from everyone! It was so much fun!  There was also a swimming pool and a slide on the lake shore which helped make the afternoon even better.  Fortunately the weather was good to us and we got to enjoy playing and relaxing on the shore. At 16:30 we packed our things and headed back up to camp.

In the evening we played a multi-lingual giant scrabble which was great fun and made us all use our brains and we

ven had to refer to the dictionaries a few times.

After such a fun and exciting day, everyone was happily tired and we couldn’t wait to get to bed to get some much needed sleep.



Banana Boating

Banana Boating

Banana Boating

Taking a dip in Lake Geneva

Banana Boating

Taking a minute to appreciate the view

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