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More Schools Arrive at Camp Suisse!

17th June 2013

Bienvenue tout le monde a Camp Suisse!


What a big day at Camp Suisse! With CGB fuelled up & ready for an action packed day starting with Mountain Biking, the centre was prepared for our first of many new arrivals.

Having been met at school in Lausanne by some of their group leaders, Mont Olivet were the first school to arrive. After a welcome drink and moving into their rooms, La Jorette’s square was again full of arrivals. This time Ecole Internationale de Genève arrived, closely followed by Geneva English School. With everyone welcomed by their group leaders and a refreshing drink and orientation tours completed, lunch was ready and everyone enjoyed hot dogs to prepare for their busy afternoon ahead.

GES set off with activity leader Taff for an afternoon of Orienteering – attempting not to get lost in the woods!

Half of EIG got to head up to Plan de Croix: our mountain biking venue for an adrenaline filled afternoon, while the other half stayed closer to home getting to know & trust each other with team building games and then learnt some technical navigational skills with activity leaders Gemma and Jen.

CGB continued their full day with a bush craft hike around the beautiful surrounding area learning survival skills such as water filtration and all about the local flora & fauna.

One half of MO also got to explore the area’s nature and especially enjoyed putting up the survival hammocks. The other half got to experience our in-house indoor climbing wall attempting some tricky routes including on the overhang! After climbing, they got to practice their target skills with an archery session with a view!

Meanwhile, after an unfortunate delay, our final school for this week Strothoff managed to make it safely to camp ready for the delicious dinner of Chicken Pie.

Whilst Strothoff settled in and enjoyed a well deserved run around at the football pitch with their group leader Matt, everyone else was gathering in the Patinoire to prepare for a great round of Torgona Hunt. Whilst MO had quiz masters Nicky & Katy for a French frenzy of La Chasse du Torgon, everyone else enjoyed the English version delivered by quiz masters Holly & Colin. Questions were answered both about the centre and the resort meaning everyone well and truly now knows their way around our beautiful home of Torgon.

With everyone now here and settled in, there is a true international buzz about camp with Spanish, German and Swiss schools all ready for a great day full of fun in the Swiss Alps sun tomorrow! – Jenny, Head of Leaders


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