Camp Journal

Saturday 3rd August 2019 – Magical Montreux

3rd August 2019

This morning, the mighty Reds and Blues spent a wonderful but chilly morning facing their greatest challenge yet- ghyll scrambling! The children were very committed, and went as far as getting fully submerged in the river’s cold water. The campers were glad to come back to camp and be greeted by lunch ready on the table. They then spent an adventurous afternoon mountain biking, and everyone showed their nerves of steel, trying every trail the instructors had to offer! 

Meanwhile, the Greens and Yellows spent the day developing their cultural awareness and practise their hiking skills in preparation for their hike later in the week. The Greens and Yellows went on a special excursion to the Château de Chillon, a magnificent castle situated between Villeneuve and Montreux on Lake Geneva. A guided tour saw the campers learn a lot about Swiss culture and heritage, medieval customs, and the logistics of castle toilets! They enjoyed lunch by the lake, before a lovely leisurely walk to Montreux. Here, they were able to shop, eat ice-cream, and gaze at all the stalls had to offer. In the evening, the campers developed their detective skills in an intense game of Murder Mystery!