Camp Journal

Session Two – Day Four – Green and Yellows

22nd July 2015

Shaking off the morning sleepiness, the green and yellow campers dived head first into their language lessons. After a few minutes of hard thinking, the campers were wide awake ready to tackle the day. By the time lunch had come around, the improvements in the campers’ language skills was already noticeable. Caring deeply for their subjects, the Camp Suisse language tutors were elated to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment, displayed by the campers, for their lessons. 


After lunch it was time to head off to the Adventure Parc for an afternoon of some tree-top craziness. A brilliant couple of hours of tree swinging, tunnel crawling and rope climbing was sadly interrupted by the recently absent Swiss thunderstorm. Although spectacular, swinging from trees is generally not advised in a thunderstorm! After heading back to Camp HQ, the campers enjoyed their shower hour followed by a tasty dinner of Burritos.

After a day only whispering to each other, all became clear….they were saving their voices for KARAOKE! and what voices they were! Rock on Greens and Yellows!



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