Camp Journal

Robin Hood and Climbing time for Blues and Reds

30th July 2017

Today was our first official day at Camp Suisse! The Reds and Blues started the day of with some very important breakfast needed to give them sufficient energy for their jam packed day ahead. First things first, it was time to take a quick and fun languages test so that our lucky campers could be placed in appropriate classes for French, German, Spanish, Italian and English based based on their abilities in their chosen language. It included a written section with colours and numbers and also an oral section where our teachers, most of whom are native speakers, asked some questions.

Next up we used up some energy playing sports games and getting to know each other! We followed this with some delicious lunch and then in the afternoon, our lovely activities leader Frankie took the Blue group to the Camp Suisse climbing wall! It was so much fun testing every ones’ courage and determination whilst keep it fun with some hilarious challenges. Meanwhile, the younger Red Group were able to try their hand at being Robin Hood as they were taken to the football pitch for some archery practise! Despite being caught in a shower, everybody still had a blast! Once everybody was fully satisfied with the climbing session it was time for a bit of relaxation with shower hour where the campers are able to chill out and call parents. After some sweet and sour chicken for dinner, everybody headed off to our local play area where they were able to bounce on the bouncy castle, fly on the zip line and play a massive game of chess on the big board. It was so much fun and nobody wanted to head to bed!