Camp Journal

Reds & Blues Day of adventure

4th August 2017

This morning was dedicated to learning and progress in our fun language classes with a short break in the middle for some refuelling. We are already able to see their progress and its very exciting! In beginners german for example we learned about the body parts and physical features and played ‘Guess Who’ to practise the words they had learnt. Once they were done it was time for some delicious lunch in order to prepare for their next activity: some outdoors fun with archery on our beautiful football pitch for our Blues and up to the climbing wall where, after warming up, they learnt about some technique and let their inner monkeys loose.

After some afternoon tea, next up was even more crazy fun, with one of our most adventurous activities: ghyll scrambling in the river! The campers made their way down our beautiful local stream with lovely fresh cold water from the Swiss Alps and tackle some fun challenges and obstacle courses whilst getting very wet! Perfect for the hot summers day and so much fun!

After a day that was so jam packed with activity our evening entertainment was a choice between a movie & hot chocolate or sports; depending on how much energy the campers had left before bed!