Camp Journal

Reds and Blues on top of the world!

29th July 2020

At the crack of dawn, the reds and blues were set for a sunny day in the Swiss Alps. After a hearty breakfast, we hoped on the coach and were entertained by Wall-E for the duration of the drive. Many windy roads later, we found ourselves at Col du Pillion, enshrouded in cloud, and ready for our gondola to the Glacier.
After Eli kindly offered to drive the gondola, the Glacier staff quickly jumped on and took the helm. As we ascended out of the clouds, Lei Lei was first to spot the summit. Above the clouds and in the sun, it felt as if we were on top of the world.
We kicked off the day with a peak walk and glacier talk, pointing out, the Matterhorn, Eiger and Mont Blanc. Roxy was especially keen for all the fun facts. After crossing the glacier, with a few snowballs thrown, we started the Husky sledding. Ella and Emma particularly enjoyed the huskies.
Up next was tobogganing, which all campers thoroughly enjoyed, and Lei Lei and Joachim even dared to try it backwards. Many slides later, we went back up to the viewing platform for a spot of lunch. After a thrilling time on the alpine coaster, we visited the shop before taking the gondola back down. Our sleepy ride home was accompanied by ‘cool running’s’ , which is now a new favourite for Eli.