Camp Journal

Reds and Blues Edventure day

23rd July 2017

After breakfast this morning, the Blue and Red group campers set off refreshed and excited for some nature fun on their Mountain Edventure day! During this activity, the keen students learnt about various aspects to outdoor life; from how to build shelters for small animals to filtering water to make it safe and drinkable. We were even lucky enough to find some small frogs chilling out in the stream and collected some other lovely nature objects like plants, pine cones and flowers which could later be used for some nature arts and crafts. Reluctantly, the campers had to finish their adventurous activity however, once they had returned to camp and had refuelled themselves with some delicious lunch, our Red Group Campers had some time to practise their climbing skills on our fun indoor climbing wall before their session of creativity combining some art with some nature!

Meanwhile, the Blue group were able to choose between sports and art jamming (art with some catchy music to help inspire) and so all of our campers were kept occupied and active! They also then were let loose for some rock climbing after the Reds in our famous climbing wall area. They attacked the wall with courage, and some fun games were incorporated to make it even more challenging using the different coloured courses and difficulty levels on order to create some competition and fun.

Finally, to round up this adventurous and active day, evening entertainment was bingo/casino night in order to keep with the competitive theme of the afternoon and there where many prizes to be won before heading off to bed for a much needed rest.




nature art blog pic