Camp Journal

Reds and Blues art jamming and biking

2nd August 2017

Our youngsters began their 5th day at camp with some mind expansion in their Languages classes this morning! Fresh and raring to go after breakfast, the french classes for example focused on numbers using fun games like bingo to learn days and creating calendars in order to practise their months of the year as well! In other classes they also created fun menus for their own imaginary restaurants whilst learning about foods.

Once the campers had put their all into the learning for the day it was time for an elective afternoon at Camp Suisse! This meant that our Blue and Red groups had the choice between going on some adventurous and courageous mountain biking or some chilled and relaxed art jamming! Both groups had an absolute blast as our bikers zoomed through the forests of the Swiss Alps and our jammers had a fun competition for creating clothes for a model! Well done to the girls for winning with their fantastic robot design!

After dinner, it was time for the campers to continue the fun as they were participating in an exciting murder mystery!! Split into teams of mixed colour groups and ages, the campers made their way around camp following clues and questioning potential Camp Suisse Staff suspects to find out the truth behind our poor Jodie’s disappearance ! They had to work hard to earn their clues, doing all sorts of activities from math puzzles to races and dares. Eventually the groups pieced everything together and we found the horrific killer; Lizzie with a bike repair kit! Shocking. Overall it was another jam packed and fun filled day and we’re all very excited for our early start to the Glacier tomorrow!