Camp Journal

red & blues bananas

1st August 2013

Today our Reds and Blues took to Lake Geneva for one of our favourite excursions- Banana Boating!
Whooping and walling the campers embraced a choppy ride, plunging into the lake at least once each. They all came together as an excellent team in the face of defeat to drag each other back aboard. Following their ride, the campers enjoyed the weather which was particularly kind to us on Swiss Day, by swimming; eating ice-cream and playing in Lake Geneva. The celebrations didn’t stop there on arrival back to camp. The campers entered into the spirit of Swiss Day by decorating themselves in red and white Swiss cross ribbons. They then sat down for a delightful 3 course meal including risotto, tartiflette and ice cream! It was a day thoroughly enjoyed by all those here at Camp Suisse!

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